According to the data we gathered in our target area of Akşemsettin neighborhood, there are 214 children of ages between 0-18 and 137 of them are of pre-school and school age. All of the children above the age of 15 do not receive any education or schooling. There are 18 children working, who are of ages between 12-18.
Of the 118 children between ages of 7-15 targeted by the campaign, 56 of them do not receive any education. Through investigations carried out with parents, we have concluded that the main obstacle to the situation are financial difficulties. Among the working children, the rate of financial contribution to average livelihood of the family by the children is quite significant. Thus, sending the children to work rather than to school becomes not an option but a necessity to families.

Campaign Goals

  • Helping refugee children continue their education which was interrupted by the civil war in Syria,
  • Financially assisting families who are already paying for the school bus services,
  • Improving their integration and attachment to society through schooling,
  • Protecting the children from social dangers awaiting them in the case that they do not continue their education,
  • Keeping the children away from the negative circumstances they are under in their workplace.

Through investigations done to assist children’s education in Akşemsettin Neighborhood, we have found out that the average cost of school bus fee per child is 65 liras. The cost of Temporary Education Centers’ is 100 liras per semester. Throughout this campaign process, our aim was to cover the transportation expenses for all of the children attending Temporary Education Centers. The contribution the children provide for their families is approximately 600 liras. In our target age group of 11-15, there are 11 children working. To help the children return to school, a monthly funding is required for the families.

Campaign Results

School and Transportation: Through the campaign organized, an agreement was made with the Temporary Education Centers and 30 children were registered to school without taking any fees from them.
All school bus expenses were covered for the children going to school within our target area. The neighborhood and schools were visited to keep up with what the children were doing.
Working Children: The amount of in kind assistance equal to the contribution that working children make in salary for their families was provided. Rent and food supply aid was accommodated with the condition of children leaving work and going to school.