Dream Tent Project

As a result of their environment, refugee children living in Turkey lack self confidence and experience alienation to the society they live in. In this project, various universities come together to minimise problems of alienation and lack of education that may arise as a result of their environment.

The target children of our project consists of children between the ages of 7-13 living in a shantytown neighborhood in Alibeykoy.

Our project was carried out over a period of 22 weeks, from November 2016 to June 2017 with approximately 80 children and 90 volunteers, every Saturday. Hosted by Istanbul Commerce University, various activities including Turkish, fundamental maths, etc. were carried out within the scope of the product.


Creative Reading: In this activity aims to get rid of the emotional hardships and weakened moral values, resulting from the living conditions and environment these children are exposed to. To this end, children are encouraged to trust themselves and their surroundings through funny texts and historical narratives reminiscent of moral values.

Turkish Lesson: First, the children’s Turkish level is determined. The classes are then separated by levels, and lessons are given in Turkish writing and speaking by worksheets prepared with expert consultation. Every week, 10 Turkish words are selected from the story studied are  taught in class and given as homework.

Psychological Theater Games: These games and activities aim to internalize certain values and morals to the children. They also intend to provide an environment in which the children can develop mutual trust and creative thinking.

Art Activities: One aim is to minimize language barriers and help the children better express themselves, in order to better adapt to the society. This way the children’s skills can be identified at a young age and incorporated to the society. Within the scope of artistic activities, children try to produce objects that are open to new use with plastic, fabric and other recycled materials.

Math - Science: Math and science lessons and worksheets are given to the children based on their levels. In order to better understand the environment and the world we live in, certain scientific concepts are taught using various materials.