Sisterhood of Hope Atelier

Sisterhood of Hope Atelier was a project organized to increase the integration of Syrian girls, aged 13-18. The girls who were not able to continue their education were specifically prioritized in the project. In the project, carried out with the Eyüp Municipality Güzeltepe Youth Center, Turkish, Math, Hama Bead and Wood Carving classes were taught. Continuing for 11 weeks, the program consisted of 3 hours of Turkish, 3 hours of Math, 3 hours of Hama Bead education and 1,5 hour of Wood Carving lessons each week.

Goals of the Atelier

  • Guiding girls to discover and develop their talents in art classes and to acquire hobbies.
  • Helping girls overcome the language barrier with Turkish lessons (which otherwise confines them indoors) and expanding the limits of their lives through integration to society.  
  • Assisting building confidence and motivating young girls who are disadvantaged compared to their peers.
  • Maintaining the continuation of the project by being constantly in touch with the girls and helping improve the social conditions they are in.

Project Coordinators: Ayşe Perihan Kırkıç, Büşra Özdemir, Nihansu Sinmez, Rana Yıldırım, Sena Akgün, Sevde Ersoy, Vildan Yıldız, Zeynep Nur Yazıcı